PORTFOLIO: Median Homes

The staple to almost all Real Estate agents. We use the term ‘Median’ to simply describe the ‘average’ home, or homes that are typically in abundance for their area. While these single-family dwellings can range from small and quaint, to quite large, and range in price from $100,000 to close to $1M, we consider this range to be the mass-market of real estate.

We price shoots in this category by size, and in some cases, estimated listed price as some multi-million dollar homes are small in comparison to some median homes at 1/3 the price, but may have incredible property value.

This gallery represents the wide gamut of homes available at any given time in the Pacific Northwest.

Click on any image to view larger and open up a manual slide show. Use the < > keys to navigate the slideshow, or click the arrows on screen. Click anywhere outside the image to return to the gallery grid.

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